Courtly love vs modern dating

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His work was a modern interpretation of Courtly Love.From Shakespeare to Nicholas Sparks, we are still captivated by the idea of love and the lengths we will go to achieve it. He uses examples of noble men talking to lower class ladies and lower class men talking to higher born ladies. We have nothing in common as we do not move in the same circle of friends, if we fell in love we’d never see each other and besides, I’m married, happily married. Nobody is happily married; no one loves his or her spouse! Love should be received with furtive and hidden embraces.Epic poems no longer talked about noble battles of knights, they now focused on knightly quests all in the name of love.A knight hero would perform deeds to prove himself worthy to his desired lady and suffer greatly for her.

It is because of this third volume that scholars cannot agree on the book’s intent.

Some believe it is an honest codification of courtly love with a Christian apology tagged at the end so as not to enrage the Church.

Others feel it is a cynical or satirical look at the social norms of the day.

Andrea Hopkins an Oxford scholar believes medieval readers would have taken amused delight in the book and its exaggeration of the lover’s dilemma.

The second , The Book of Courtly Love by Andrea Hopkins looks at the history of how this type of love evolved and why today we still value many of its customs and rituals.

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