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Often employers are either lazy to advertise or feel it is not important or expensive.Here are some tips on how to get you that job you wanted. It is also important to follow Facebook pages for organizations that normally employ people. Job openings from part time jobs, research assistants’ opportunities as well as international organization job opportunities are displayed on these sites. People from all walks of life post adverts on job opportunities, items for sale, garage sales as well as ‘lost-but-found’ items in Lilongwe.Expecting the employer to find you in this case is like building castles in the air.A simple thing as volunteering can help push you to your next job.Another option that you have as a job seeker is to look for vacancies in newspapers.There are so many newspapers in Malawi but the most commonly read are are also a vital source of information on jobs.

If you are a handyman (we’d have preferred to say ‘handyperson’ to be gender sensitive) then doing a door-to-door job search could be the best fit for you.There was a time management urgently needed an employee and the HR team simply went through the files to look for candidates.Interviews were set the following day and someone got a job. The moral of the story is: it is not a wastage of resources to proactively seek employment.Plumbing jobs and most labor-intensive skills can easily found by going to places where there is need.If you are a bricklayer, your chances of getting a job are high if you go to places where construction is taking place – new locations for example to look for a job.

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