Xcode iphone icon not updating

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Apple should have insured that any image that was set in App Icons be added to the target, so this is definitely their fault. "Click on the icon and/or splash folder inside XCode and choose "Add files to (project)..." and choose the required ones and that works. Expanding on adp's answer, if anyone has switched to asset catalogs but they stopped working, and still can't find a solution for Asset Catalog, Images.xcassets, App Icon or Launch Image not working, here is a reproduction of the same problem I encountered, and the solution: I had upgraded to Xcode 6 and opened a project created by an earlier version (4 or 5, not sure) and no matter what I did, App Icons and Launch Images absolutely would show up when I ran the app in either i OS Simulator or the device.So the problem appears to be with how Xcode stores Images.xcassets inside the project, and not with target membership, derived data, or anything in Images.xcassets itself.With Leanplum's segmentation and targeting features, we can send different versions of the icon to each user, so the correct custom team app icons go to the right fans.If you've used an App Icon set in the past to set your app's icon, it might be a good idea to move the files into a new folder, and remove the files from the icon set. For our example, we have all of our icons in a group creatively named You must declare your app's primary and alternate icons using the CFBundle​Icons key of your app's Info.plist file.To work around it (as suggested by josema.vitaminew at App Icon not changing when app version is updated in i OS 5 simulator) you can drag the app icon into a folder, then i OS will update the appearance of it.I hit this same issue because I had an icons folder that I added to the project, without clicking the target membership box.Instead of using an App Icon set, you will need to update your To create a new group, right click your project folder, and select New Group. For information about how to configure alternate icons for your app, see the description of the CFBundle​Icons key in Information Property List Key Reference.Note: We've used the filenames as the keys for the two alternate icons. The keyname can be any string, as long as it is unique.

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Success for the small developer depends on understanding and complying with these requirements.I've seen this question asked alot on Stackoverflow and noone seems to have answered it properly yet. For instance if you are using phonegap to build an i OS app, all you need to do is: replace the default images on the magic lays within "icon.png" and "[email protected]" however you should replace all of the icons above, and also make sure you have the correct dimensions for each image you are replacing with, otherwise the app will not built successfully. The old icon has got replaced from everywhere, but for Share extension, it is not getting replaced with the new icon.I built the app on my device for testing and it came across with the default Cordova icon, I then added in my own icon into the project by placing them into build summary Yup.Seems like there are two keys, at least from what I've seen in my projects: make sure there aren't old resources linked in the "Copy Bundle Resources" section of Build Phases in your target, and make sure to go up to the Product menu and pick Clean every once in a while.

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